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White Fillings

What Are White Fillings?

If you have a small to medium-sized cavity in a tooth then Blue House Dental will recommend repairing it with a white filling. White fillings consist of a strong composite resin material that works harmoniously with your natural tooth structure, bonding extremely strongly to your natural tooth. We only need to remove any damaged or decayed tooth structure prior to placing your filling, preserving the maximum amount of healthy tooth.

The material comes in many different shades, and our dentists may even use a combination of colours to closely match your natural teeth. The final result should be a restoration that is virtually invisible, repairing and restoring your tooth so you can bite and chew normally. White fillings generally last several years before they need replacing, and we will regularly assess their condition during your check-ups. One thing to bear in mind about composite resin is that it can become stained after a few years. This does depend on your lifestyle habits as if you smoke, drink a lot of coffee or tea or red wine, then this material will stain more quickly.

What Is the Procedure for a White Filling?

The procedure to place a white filling is quite straightforward and can be carried out under local anaesthetic, but it’s also quite technique sensitive. Your dentist will grind away the damaged part of the tooth before thoroughly cleaning and drying the area. If the cavity is quite deep they may choose to place a special type of lining to protect the pulp which is the sensitive inner part of the tooth. Next, the composite filling material is applied to the tooth in tiny increments and is regularly hardened using a special blue light. Once all the filling material is in place it is hardened one final time before the filling is shaped and polished. By the end of treatment your new filling should blend in beautifully with the rest of your natural tooth and it should feel very comfortable.

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