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Teeth Whitening


Why Whiten?

A gleaming white smile is often associated with youth and health, but lifestyle choices, genetics and aging can all take their toll on the appearance of your teeth. Professional tooth whitening is a safe and easy way to lift the overall shade of your teeth, and Blue House Dental offers patients a choice of two different ways to whiten teeth, using the Pola Day Advanced Tooth Whitening System.

A Check-Up before Treatment is Essential

We will want to fully examine your teeth and gums before treatment. This is essential to make sure they do not have any signs of untreated diseases which could affect the comfort and safety of treatment. We’ll also discuss the type of results that can safely be achieved as some teeth, for example that are internally stained, may need an alternative method of whitening.

Choose to Whiten in Our Clinic or At Home

You can opt to have your teeth whitened in one quick visit to our dental clinic, or you can choose to whiten at home using custom-made whitening trays. In-chair tooth whitening is perfect if you want whiter teeth immediately, but custom-made whitening trays offer greater control over the degree of whitening achieved.

Safe and Predictable

The Pola Day Advanced Whitening System is extremely safe, and ensures a high level of patient comfort. This is especially important for anyone with sensitive teeth as it contains soothers and conditioners to help reduce any sensitivity. It also has a high water content which helps reduce tooth dehydration that can occur with most whitening systems. We will choose the correct strength of whitening gel for your needs, to ensure treatment is safe, predictable and comfortable. You’ll be given precise instructions on how to care for your teeth during and after treatment, as this can help to prolong the results. Eventually your teeth will discolour once more, but we can advise you as to how often you can safely touch up the results.

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