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Amalgam Free Dentistry

Amalgam fillings are still quite widely used, due to their longevity and cost-effectiveness. They used to be the filling of choice for replacing larger areas of decay in back teeth as the material is hard-wearing. However amalgam does contain mercury and more people are concerned about having this heavy metal in their mouth. In addition, amalgam can create darker areas in the mouth, particularly as the original silver colour can turn grey after a while. This isn’t ideal for anyone concerned about aesthetics.

We Will Safely Remove Old Amalgam Fillings

Blue House Dental can safely remove old amalgam fillings and will ensure they are properly disposed of. We may not necessarily recommend replacing amalgam fillings that are still viable, but eventually they will begin to leak and crumble so we will regularly assess them during check-ups.

Older style silver amalgams can be replaced with far more cosmetically pleasing white composite fillings. In the past white composite fillings were not strong enough to be used to repair back teeth, but modern materials are now far more durable and longer-lasting. In addition, white composite fillings are much healthier for your teeth and here is why.

Amalgam Free Dentistry is Healthier for Your Teeth

Amalgam fillings expand and contract whenever they come into contact with hot or cold. This constant flexing can cause eventually micro-fractures in the tooth, weakening the overall structure. It’s also necessary for your dentist to remove more of the overall tooth structure in preparation for the filling. White fillings do not have these disadvantages. Instead we will only need to remove the damaged part of the tooth, leaving the rest of it intact. White fillings offer a more conservative and harmonious way to repair your teeth. The composite resin bonds very strongly with the tooth so the restoration is strong and stable. Larger areas of decay can be repaired with porcelain inlays and onlays, providing a hard-wearing and cosmetically pleasing way of repairing teeth that have lost more of their structure, but which do not require full crowns.

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