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Root Canal Treatment

Blue House Dental will recommend root canal treatment if you have a badly infected tooth. This can occur when untreated decay has allowed oral bacteria to penetrate the central part of the tooth called the pulp. The pulp contains all the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth that are useful while the tooth is still developing. Root canal treatment removes the dead or dying pulp, and cleans out all the root canals that extend into the roots of the tooth.

What is the Procedure for a Root Canal Treatment?

It is very straightforward, and should be little different from having a filling. We will need to take dental x-rays to confirm the tooth is infected, and these help to plan treatment through showing how far the infection has spread. Treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic. If you feel particularly anxious ask us about additional sedation.

We access the pulp through the crown of the tooth and will clean out all the infected tissues. Specially shaped files are used to clean out the root canals. If the infection was particularly bad we may place some antibiotics inside the empty pulp chamber to help kill any remaining bacteria, before temporarily sealing the tooth. Afterwards the tooth can be fully restored with either a filling or a full crown.

Root Canal Treatment Can Save Teeth

This treatment is great for saving teeth that would otherwise need extracting, and for getting rid of toothache. Your tooth doesn’t need the pulp and can function perfectly well without it, and treatment can last for years or even for life. It is possible for a tooth to become re-infected at a later date, but is quite rare. If this occurs we may be able to re-treat the tooth, as extraction is definitely the last option. Treatment tends to be more effective if carried out sooner rather than later, so if you have toothache please make an appointment to come and see us, even if it seems to clear up as there is always a reason for dental pain.

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