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Crowns and Bridges



If you badly chip a tooth or it has a substantial cavity, we may recommend crowning it. Crowns are used to repair and restore teeth badly damaged by decay or trauma, completely covering up the remaining tooth structure, protecting it against further harm. Your new crown can be made from a choice of high quality materials including precious metal alloys and natural looking porcelains. Some porcelain crowns have a metal substructure, but the very latest all-ceramic crowns are entirely metal-free, and provide highly aesthetic results.


The dental team at Blue House Dental will always do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth, but if this isn’t possible a dental bridge can replace lost teeth. This involves crowning the teeth adjacent to the gap and attaching these crowns to the replacement tooth or teeth to form a strong, stable appliance. Each replacement tooth is called a pontic, and a bridge can often support more than one pontic. With the exception of CEREC, bridges are made from the same materials as crowns, so you can opt for an all-ceramic bridge as modern dental porcelains are extremely strong.

Preparing Your Teeth for a Crown or Bridge

The process for a crown or bridge is very similar, and normally takes at least two visits to complete. Your teeth will be prepared during your first visit, a procedure that involves grinding them down and shaping them to provide sufficient room for the crown or bridge. This is necessary as otherwise your restoration would feel too bulky. Next, a detailed impression is taken of your mouth to send to the dental laboratory so the crown or bridge can be made. This generally takes a couple of weeks or so to complete. During this time your tooth will be protected with a temporary crown or bridge. Your new restoration can be fitted at the next visit and permanently cemented in position.

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