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Regular Examinations


Why Have Regular Examinations?

Regular examinations form the cornerstone of a good preventative dental care plan. We generally recommend patients visit Blue House Dental every six months, but this does depend on your individual oral health needs. Some people with particular medical issues may benefit from more frequent check-ups. This may apply if you have any medical conditions such as diabetes as this can increase the risk of gum disease. If you are pregnant we also may recommend additional check-ups as hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the sensitivity of gums towards bacteria in the mouth. We offer dental check-ups for all the family, and regular appointments are particularly important for growing children.

The great thing about regular examinations is that it enables our dentists to pick up any small problems when they are relatively straightforward to treat. It is much quicker, and often cheaper to repair small cavities or to replace old fillings than to wait for problems to develop. Any early signs of gum disease can be treated before this condition can cause permanent damage. This helps ensure your natural teeth remain strong and healthy for longer, and will keep your smile looking its best. It also reduces the risk of dental emergencies, as untreated tooth decay can eventually result in toothache or dental abscesses.

What to Expect during Your Regular Examination

During a regular examination our dentists will thoroughly check the inside of your mouth. This includes not only your teeth and gums, but all your oral tissues including your tongue, the roof and floor of your mouth and the inside of your cheeks. Each tooth is visually examined or carefully tested for any soft spots that could indicate the beginnings of tooth decay, and we use a special instrument to gently probe your gums. This is to check your gums fit tightly around your teeth. All these details are recorded so we can compare any changes in your mouth during your next regular examination. If necessary, we will also take dental x-rays to gain a complete picture of your current dental health.

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