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Why Do Children Need Mouthguards?

It’s great to encourage children to take part in sports, but there is the risk they could damage their teeth or jaws. This can occur whenever the sport involves physical contact, or moving objects, for example cricket, rugby, football and boxing. Teeth can easily be chipped or fractured, or even knocked out completely. This could mean your child will face a lifetime of dental bills to help maintain or replace these damaged teeth.

Custom-Made Mouthguards

It is possible to buy ready-made mouthguards very cheaply, but these won’t offer good protection for your child. In addition, they are likely to feel bulky and uncomfortable to wear, so they are far less likely to be used.

Blue House Dental can provide your child with a well-fitting mouthguard offering maximum protection. It will be comfortable and easy to wear, and shouldn’t hinder their breathing or speech. There are many different types of materials that can be used to make custom made mouthguards, including multi-coloured or stripy materials, or just plain clear. It might even be possible for them to pick out the colours of their favourite team.

What is the Procedure for Having a Custom-Made Mouthguard?

It is very straightforward, as all we need to do is to take an impression of your child’s mouth to send to the dental laboratory. They will make the mouthguard according to our prescription, and will return it for fitting. We will check it fits correctly, and will ensure it’s comfortable to use. We’ll also supply you with a case to store the mouthguard when it’s not in use.

How Long Will a Mouthguard Last?

It is best to bring the mouthguard to every check-up, so we can make sure it doesn’t have any rips or tears that could affect its effectiveness. A growing child is likely to need their mouthguard replacing at regular intervals, until all their adult teeth have erupted and their jaws have finished growing. Even so, it is a worthwhile investment, and will help increase the chances of them reaching adulthood with healthy and a fully intact set of teeth.

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